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Doranne Jacobson, PhD

Doranne Jacobson is an anthropologist, lecturer, photographer, and writer, specializing in South Asian studies. She received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from Columbia University and is Director of International Images, a consulting firm in Springfield, Illinois. She has conducted extensive research on social change and gender roles in India and has traveled extensively throughout the subcontinent. She speaks Hindi, India's national language, and lived in an Indian village for several years.
Dr. Jacobson has written many articles and two books on India, including the beautiful volume, India, Land of Dreams and Fantasies, cited by the Asia Society as one of the six "Most Useful Books" on India. She is a widely-published photographer whose work has appeared in exhibitions at the United Nations and in numerous prestigious publications.
She has led many tours to India and other parts of Asia for highly-regarded organizations. Her stimulating lectures are illustrated with colorful photographs and convey her enthusiasm for India's rich heritage. She will lecture on traditional society and culture as well as contemporary issues in modernizing India.